Help Your Neighbor 

Help Your Neighbor

We know some of the best medicine in a moment of crisis is to channel our energy into service. The COVID-19 pandemic affects all of us, but there are some families and individuals who are more vulnerable during this time. 


Here are six ways you can help your neighbors through this challenging time explained below. 

Six Ways To Help 


Consider supporting the many organizations in our area that are providing important resources during this time. 

Stay At Home

If you are able, stay at home and work remotely. We know that  social distancing works. For the sake of you and your neighbor’s health, follow Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines to avoid close contact with other people. 

Practice Good Hygiene

To lower the risk of infection to yourself and others, wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. The CDC recommends washing your hands with soap for 20 seconds or approximately the time it takes to sing the chorus of “Jolene” twice. 

Check On Your Neighbors

Humans are wired for connection and communication! Find creative ways to let people know you are thinking about them. Send a card, an email, a text, or pick up the phone. Learn More.

Share Helpful Information

Before you click the “share” button on social media, take the time to vet the source and review the information thoroughly. Pass on the information that brings out the best in your neighbors. 

Be A Good Citizen

In this remarkable time, we need remarkable citizens who value the responsibilities that come with citizenship. Help our Friendly City move forward with unity.